Second floor deck is built.
Setting the ridge beam. I did it myself! I'm surprised as to  how
resourceful you can become.
Gable end with the wrong supporting post. Apparently Douglas Fir has
more crush resistance than spruce, and is best for high load areas. I wish I
had know that befor I cut all my Douglas Fir boards up for headers that had
little bearing load. I got a feeling that was a
Glulam with an unfinished supporting wall below.
Second Floor
Placing the ridgebeam. I rented a "zoomboom" that lifted this into place.
I would purchase at least 2 nice pipe clamps and a very good rope. The
pipe clamps provide a lifting point and the rope to lift with, a light chain
would also work but a good climbers rope will be better.

The beam weighed about 600 lbs.(glulam is around 36 pounds per
cubic foot) and was placed by the forks of the boom lift not the rope!

The roof was assemebled in panels on a makeshift stand that allowed
2x4's to be nailed to the face. Then the 24 ft sheets were pipe clamped
and lifted into place with the boom. The process was very quick and the
entire house could be done in a day if the panels were pre-made.

t took me 2 days to figure out how to do this so I wasn';t able to finish
before I left on a vacation. I hope to have pisc of the lifting process.
OK. I've been very busy lately as you can see. At this point I want to get it
done before our mild winter flees!
MY new ultimate best friend! 2250/month. Oh
Well.... If you're working alone or doing most of it
yourself this is the tool for you.Just make sure your
budget about 2 months.