Drafting Service
Autocad Drafting
I'm now drafting plans for anyone with a need for their drawings/sketches to be
converted in
to Autocad2006. They will be printed on high quality paper on a large
format plotter. Along with digital copies, PDF's or just about any thing else you may
need. Sketch-up models that
will let you play with exterior choices can also be made.

Since I'm not an engineer or architect these cannot be professionally certified but they
will provide these people with a useful set of drawings that they can review and give
them their certification if it's required.

I can also point you in the right direction for any information you may need to complete
your plans. If your drawings have been designed around the IRC or whatever code
valid for your circumstance they should be able to be used as your finals for your
Counties approval.

Samples of my files are found in the AutoCAD 3D section.

Email me at: (rsuess(the at sign here) to talk about your project.