Impact Hammer around holes
and join with PEX connector.
Cover with concrete and smile!
DOH! Our concrete
contractor chopped the only
obstacle on the slab floor.
DOH! Those nipples at the bottom of the valves look
like flow gauges don't they?  Well, they're not, at least
ones that you can read with your own eyes.

If you order WIRSBO TruFlow, you have to buy the $100
Flowmaster Jr. that detects temperature and flow rate.
Luckily they have this "cheap" one, otherwise it's $400
plus for the Pro Version.
DOH! My sill plate stock looked oh so nice the
day I took it from the bundle. The next day I had a
curly que! This elevated my gable ends a good 3/4".
I was very annoyed at this after working so hard to
obtain a level and square foundation. I now see
why a smaller stock size would help this problem.
I've since place some heavy loads on the ends to
push it down and it has helped.
UPDATE 8/27/06
My sill plate is still very warped. I called the
engineer and he recommended I solidify the
warped position and then shim the walls
level. This way the sill won't move any further.

I am truly bummed about this. But I must
move ahead.

DON'T use
WIDE pressure treated lumber for
your sill, unless they were long dry and very
flat. Also for ICF users, you may be able to
cantilever you floor joists out and over your
foam with smaller 2x6 stock.

I read about using redwood, what a great
idea, apparently widely used sometime ago
before all the trees were cut.
ecoblock separation ICF eco-block
DOH! Slight separation of
Eco-Block at corners. Brace
corners with board "wraps."
Brace corners with wrap around "belts" of wood,
like a large wooden angle bracket. Have them
traverse and attach  2 more blocks past the corner.
wirbo flow master junior
alt="wirbo flow master junior"Doh!!!
The page of DOH!!!!
Spend $99 more dollars.
wirsbo truflow manifold
Alternative sill plate location.