wall jack wall lift
A wall jack. I'm gonna try to complete the entire wall
on the first floor deck then lift it into place with three
of these. I'll pushing the the recommended spacing
of 8ft. apart. We'll see how it works
. DOH?
I've almost completed the side walls, and have run out of space. The
house seems really small with such large walls laying accross the
floor. I am very keen to lift them into place far sooner than I imagined.
But I believe I'll regret not finishing the wall siding.

I don't look forward to having to learn right away how to finish a
complete wall, trim and all. Since I usually screw-up the first attempt
Narrow wall bracing for the corner. My engineer saw that my house had
tooo many windows on one side to provide adequate bracing. He
suggested leaving out a few windows, or trying the narrow wall bracing
method to provide strength from racking. You can get this information
and more at
apawood.org. Or download the PDF on narrow wall
bracing by clicking

It's basically an extended header, a couple of metal straps(which I left
out, DOH?) and nails in the sheathing every 3 inches.
narrow wall bracing
wall jack wall lift model 6200
wall jack wall lift model 6200
wall jack wall lift model 6200
Wall Jacks are definitely the way to go! I was worried
about the lift so I decided not to put the huge window
in this before I lifted. Well, I'm sorry I didn't do it now.
The next side will have all windows in place.
First Floor
A deck emerges...
A must have nailer for tight place and Simpson
hangers etc. I couldn't believe how easy this drove
nails. I paid $79 at Lowe's. I can't believe it's only
$39.99 on Amazon!
A Genie Lift for the glulam beams. I cut off too much
off the end of this one. Luckily I can place a "scab"
on  the end to spread the weight out over the
exterioir wall.
One of our glulam beams was not quite square.