building footers
water in foundation hole
Working in the mud is the BEST!
footers rebar
concrete pump truck
footers rebar bracing
It's great to be the boss.
MOVIE: Pumping the concrete for the footers.
It's only 90 out. There's nothing better than a concrete pump truck.
thomas skidsteer 205
ecoblock eco-block gravel footers
first eco block first icf
building with icf
inside ICF walls
linwood home arrives
geothermal loop arit
geothermal loop
excavator mini geothermal loop arit radiant heat ground loop
4 loops 750' each. 3/4" DURA PEX, filled with alcohol mixture. Purchased from

DOH! I kinked one ot the PEX loops beyond salvaging. It comes in a large roll and if you don't take it off
as it was put on you've got one hell of a spring to unwind. Later I made a "wheel" that helped unroll it.
Jennifer running the mid-sized excavator. I
wouldn't get a mini, because it's likely be
too slow. We had to dig literally a half mile
of trench. We covered about 2/3 of one loop
in a 8 hour day, around 450'. $680/wk.
Excavtor movie AVI format
2006 - June
pouring footers pumping footers
Forms w/ #6 rebar.
Cedar Designs home arrives from Canada.
Our first ECO-block. Isn't she beautiful?
Excavating the geothermal ground loop.
Brenden's 4th Birthday.
Filling the floor with gravel.