geothermal loop arit
geothermal loop
excavator mini geothermal loop arit radiant heat ground loop
4 loops 750' each. 3/4" DURA PEX, filled with alcohol mixture. Purchased from

DOH! I kinked one ot the PEX loops beyond salvaging(which I re-used aportion of in my basement
floor). It comes in a large roll and if you don't take it off as it was put on you've got one hell of a spring to
unwind. Later I made a "wheel" that helped unroll it.
Jennifer running the mid-sized excavator. I
wouldn't get a mini, because it's likely be
too slow. We had to dig literally a half mile
of trench. We covered about 2/3 of one loop
in a 8 hour day, around 450'. $680/wk.
Purchased From
2.5 ton WaterFurnace
4 ton Ground Loop
4 750' inline loops w/manifold
1 750 loop (I kinked 1 loop!)
Rentals Unlimited
Mid-Sized Excavator 2 wks
Slogging thru Muddy Trenches
over your head.
Excavtor movie AVI format
Excavating the geothermal ground loop.
Ground Loop and Furnace

DOH! I installed the loops coming into the side of the wall. The manifold interface kit assumes you'll be
coming into the box straight UP from the bottom!
I got the Geothermal loops
connected to my manifold
using Wirsbo PEX
connectors. They work well.
But I do see alot of the
crimping tools types. The
metal crimps are cheaper
for the tools that do the
crimping and the fasteners
are more easily found.  
A look inside the manifold

DOH!  I call this my
Octopus! It doesn't look that
bad does it?

This is what happens when
you don't read the direction.
The loops were supposed to
penetrate the wall at a hig
angle so they would
NATURALLY go into the