ICF Eco-block
icf wall
icf emergency egress window bucks
Our egress window. Turns out if you want "habitable space in your
basement you need a window large enough for a firemen to fit
through and a window well big enough to accommodate him or her.

Egress Window Requirements: Max. 44" above floor, Min 24" high,
and 20" wide. Net window area of at least 5.7 sqft.
I used steel studs and stud track for all my bracing. I placed track on the top as well as the bottom. I doubled up the top track where 2
pieces met or until the top wall almost moved as one when shaken from the top. I also began to walk and crawl on the top of my
un-poured wall until I had scaffolding setup on the inside. It was a little wobbly but not too bad. I was hoping to re-use the track on the
top of the wall, but was unable to free it from the concrete the next day. I did save a bit of money by not renting my bracing I also
learned more about how the block behaves with minimum restriction.

The bottom track at the bottom makes the foundation start straight. I was however, peeved that placing the track on only one side as
recommended, pitched the wall inwards. I discovered this during placement of the 1st course and I was able to cut small shim pieces
of track that I placed every 4' or so to balance that pitch.
Jennifer thought of using
discarded fingertips
from our rubber glove for
anchor bolt covers. If you
have more that 10
anchor bolts I would
pre-place your bolts.
You'll be nervous on
pour day and don't need
anything to worry about.
inside icf wall icf wall building icf
I thought I ordered no pepperoni!
The Eco-block began to separate at the corners at the very
top few courses. Our last truck arrived with a 7 slump mix, but
it all had held up so well that i didn't worry about any type of
failure. So the separation may have been due to this or lack of
bracing.  In the end it introduced less than a 1/4" fault so I'm
happy. Especially because my bracing was very minimal. I
would wrap bracing around  the corners next time like a belt.
DOH!Maybe it'll work
better? These battery powered
sawz all's work for about 5
minutes and then crap out don't
buy them expecting to get alot of
use from each charge.
Geothermal loops into our
Ecoblock. I created custom
patching for all loops, but I think
this was unnecessary.
Turnbuckle purchased off ebay.
Our floors and
trim, from our
own forest.
"Condomized" anchor bolts.
geathermal manifold arit
Make sure you leave PLENTY of extra loop at your
foundation entrance. We missed having one
terminating in our foundation by inches! Resist
perfection in measurement! My wifes fault of
Perimeter Footer Drains
Notice the geotextile. I placed the drain pipe on a small bed gravel
covered to approximately 6" over the top of the footing with 2"
stone, and wrapped.

I originally bought this for my construction entrance to prevent the
dirt from mixing with the stone. It came in a 12' width. I've reused
this for emergency cover, erosion control for my foundation hole,
and finally fabric for my drains.

There are a number of different types of fabrics, woven and

I screwed the fabric into the side of the house and used metal tent
stakes to pushed into the earth side to hold it back as my skid
loader dump the rock in.

I had a problem with dirt getting in our drain stone. Since we had
to skid steer around the edge of our "hole" to drop it in it wasn't
easy to place it just right and I ended up getting most against the
side of the wall, not the foundation side. I used plywood this
morning on the slope to "bounce" the stone to the proper place
with another sheet placed against the side this worked great.
footer drain rock geotextile footer perimeter drain
icf waterproofing
Clipper Ship Water Proofing for ICF.
radiant heat slab insulation rebar pex
DOH! Make sure
you don't place your
foam under reinforced
footers meant to
support structural
2" Foam insulation over moisture barrier.  3/4"
Dura-Pex to follow. 3/4" because I kinked one of my
geothermal loops during the "unwinding" process.

I placed a 1K order to
pexsupply.com this AM. I hope
my choice of WIRSBO Manifolds was correct! More to
I think I measured the foundation wrong!
ICF Construction
icf wall bracing
icf wall bracing
icf wall bracing ecoblock icf foldform
alt="icf wall bracing ecoblock icf foldform"THE DAY BEFORE THE WALL POUR.
alt="icf wall bracing ecoblock icf foldform"1 yard of 2" stone/10ft. add 15% for extra. This size stone does not like to be moved! consider
smaller if you're going to have to push it around.
icf wall bracing ecoblock icf foldform
"Blowout" patches. Definitely not needed.