CAT953 stump removal tree clearing lot clearing
CAT953C tree removal
A Volkswagon sized stump.
These trees didn't have a chance.
Time to go Postal on the remaining trees.
CAT 953 $2000/wk.
ron shank ben shank
Ron and Ben Shank. Best Sawyers in the
Mid-Atlantic. Call them. They're located in
PA. 717-334-0352.
woodmizer wood mizer sawmill sawyer
Wood mizer woodmizer timber cutting tree milling
woodmizer wood mizer
milling lumber wood mizer timber milling
The Wood-Mizer at work. You need trees I would guess about 20" in diameter to get much
wood.  Our largest was around 32".
"... Baby hurts so good." Jen with our Thomas 205 and Piranha "Baby Claw." $1600.00. Isn't it cute?
That's what I call recycling! We had every millable tree turned into lumber. We stacked every heavy,
heavy board. Wood is far heavier when freshly cut given all of the water in the wood.

This lumber will go into our new homes floors and trim. Dimensional lumber was cut from a huge
poplar that was used for footer forms, and scaffolding.
Houston We've got a Homesite!
Ron is also an expert CAT 953 operator, and was able to dig our
foundation hole in 5 hours, after cutting up some logs in the morning.
Many thanks!

Oh, did I mention he covered up the attempt I made to dig the
foundation hole which resembled the humps in a roller coaster. I will
use a large excavator next time.
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Lumber Milling
...More cutting down the %$#!@ing Trees - I'm getting good!
Removing stumps is not easy or light equipment work. I had intended to rent the next size smaller bulldozer
to do this work, but all they had at Rental Unlimited was the CAT 953. I broke a heavy chain trying to pull my
first test stump out of the ground. This tree was only 10" in diameter and my chain is very heavy alloy. I knew
then I had a problem.

There were many times when I had this things tail 6 feet off the ground try to pry out the stumps at 43,000lbs
and hydraulics pulling. This was the case even after digging all around them to sever their roots, whose
holes alone were after over 6 feet deep themselves.

Almost every large tree but maybe one had to be thoroughly dug out on all 4 sides before even beginning to
move. Then it was a jerking a prying time. Each stump took about an hour of solid and heavy digging and
prying. I left about 2 to 3 feet of stump above ground to pry. I've heard that if you leave a much larger stump
you could have a big lever. But that still wouldn't reduce the size of the huge root ball that follows a tree of

I imagine it would depend on the type of tree, soil condition, but rent the largest backhoe, bulldozer, or
loader you can afford. With a Skid Steer you can go after all the ones 3" and below.