The warm fuzzy feeling on your bum isn't  your new radiant floor heating
system. It's your money being rapidly ripped from your wallet! I'm currently
at about $4600 for 2082 sqft. 800 of that in a slab. For radiant(joist and slab)
that isn't bad.
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These arrived today,  08/03/2006.
wirsbo truflow manifold 5 loop pex radiant heating brass manifold
Turns out I need a $100 flow meter reader to set the flow to each loop, since I have to remove the valve heads to
attach the actuator switch which opens the loop. More to follow.

Total cost so far for this stuff  $1000.00 no wonder there aren't more radiant systems in the USA.

I'll be posting a Radiant recipe list of my parts this weekend. It's all SOOO mysterious, the black art of the

I know I'll burn in Plumbers Hell for that comment!
Initial Order for Radiant Supplies.
The underfloor radiant panels that distribute the heat to the subfloor. I
think I'm gonna regret threading all these tubes through my floor
joists.  Cost $100+ for 20. Coverage, about 50sq ft.

I'm going to try to hang it in the joist bays before I cover the deck with
plywood. I'll see if the works at all!

PS. I decided not to do this as I might puncture $170.00 worth of
tubing, not mention creating a free sprinkler system.
joist trak radiant heat heating
I've ordered another $700 worth of PEX stuff. Including my Therma-PEX for the floors. 1/2" 300' lengths. Maximum
recommended length for the size is 250' I'll probably try to get away with a bit more.

Also I was unsuccesful at mixing my potable supply with my radiant heat. Mostly due to the fact that their aren't may readily
available pex tubing brands that are both potable ready and come with and O2 barrier. Had I known this I would have selected
non-iron components.

The O2 barrier is to prevent rusting of iron components. So I'm going to have to either buy another hot water heater or another
alternate source of hea.
Radiant Heat
Determining the type of system.

Radiant vs. Forced Air.

Bottom line... radiant is much more expensive to purchase/install. Since you'll probably need
a forced air system for your AC also you'll have to run duct work too. With that done though
you can easily push hot air as well as cold(if your radiant system doesn't work.DOH!).

However, I chose radiant because of the comfort and hopefully some money saving due to
the lower temperature setting needed because the heat is radiated from everything within
your house.

The Joist Trak  installed and the begining of my radiant system. Hope it works! I've been concerned that I chose to buy only
one pump instead of one for each zone combined with the fact that I have a heat exchanger(Ebay) that will supply the heat for
the loops.  If My system was directly connected to my hot water supply and each zone had a pump the heat would be
supplied in exactly the amount needed for heating. Now it has to heat the exchanger to some amount and work that  way.

The reason I did this was I was unable to easily find both a tubing for radiant heating app and potable water. My guess is that
you just use a potable approved PEX for your heat. This is probably a DOH!