Received Permission to Cut down the %$#!@ing Trees - Yeah Baby!
Starting small.
The first "official" tree... I "accidentally" ran over the first tree with my skidsteer a few months earlier!
The second "official" tree.
Mommy gets saw.
Mommy finds tree.
Mommy happy now.
TREE MOVIE2 .7 meg avi. I like my Father in
laws commentary.

One thing about cutting trees, you need at
least 2 wedges to jam in to the cut. Those
are then banged to lean the tree in the
direction of the fall. If it's not leaning the way
you want it, you'll bang an awfully long time
to get the tree to fall.
TREE MOVIE1 1.5 meg wmv. I
learned a lot about tree cutting, and
now my largest was a 35" poplar.
That doesn't sound big, but when
they hit the ground you certainly
know they weigh more than you ever
Putting up our @#$%@#$ing Tree Protection Fence/Construction Fence and Silt Fence. Never
dig a post hole without a skidsteer and auger. 120 holes - 4 hrs.
NOTE: Osha publishes an OOPs! list of
accidents involving skidsteers, tree
cutting, wall raising etc. You should
read this if you have no experience yet
with these machines or techniques. It
may save your life!

...and people really have been sucked
completely through chippers. Uggh!
How does this work?
phase converter 3 phase converter electrical converter static phase converter
The lot before detruction.
phase converter 3 phase converter static phase converter
My homemade phase converter for my new table saw.

Can you tell I made it myself? I was barely able to jam the
lid shut! Don't be too cheap when sizing a box for your

Thanks to: Matt Isserstedt,
How to build a static phase converter here.
My "new" Governement Surplus Plotter. It works and it only cost me
$50! Of course it was so old that it couldn't speak with windows
anymore so I had to buy a $150 program, WINLINE to "talk" to it and
buy a "null" modem cable.

One things for sure this 150 lb. machine is built to last. Make sure you
have a friend to help you move it. These sell somewhat frequently on
that website but I imagine there not many left anymore. Good luck!

I did a "helicopter" when I pulled it onto my back from my truck! Wish I
had a vid of that.
The Simple Life.
2006 - April