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ICF Products -  The block we're using in our house. -  A cheaper block. -  Another ICF system. - Clipper Ship ICF friendly Foundation Coating.
ICF surfacing systems.

Home Supplies - Need screws? Check this out. - DIY geothermal loops, radiant, and other stuff. - Pex supplies, Radiant heat, etc. - Surplus government stuff. See how much money they waste! Great place for Stainless Steel nails.

General Building Information - If you're cutting trees there's good info about this here. - xcellent forum for owner builders.
Links to
Metalworking websites. Some of these are amazing hobbyists.

Engineering - Beamboy - Simple program for calculating size of steel beams. You
need to understand deflection. - Great engineers forum. - Steel framing pdf's galore.  - Canadian Buildings Group - HVAC calc. - Duct sizing and other HVAC calcs - Electricity explained for those of you ready to do something crazy
EER and SEER explained though I'm still not sure? - Excellent truss details in PDF format. A+. - Simpson Strong Tie Website for specialized ICF hangers. - All types of floor supports, microllam, parallam, silent floor, etc.

Home Automation - Home automation x10 stuff - Lighting - Security Systems etc.

Winline - needed software for that old gov't surplus plotter. - nice cable rail website. - Bldg calcs, like stone, drywall, etc. - Owner/builder site - Owner/builder site

Sketchup- The best pre-visualization software made and free from Google now.
AutoCAD - We all love to hate it. - In case you need to tryout a software package before purchase
The New Suess Residence
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